Physical AppearanceEdit

Torpid is a child who has wavy, maybe even curly, brown hair which is down to her midback and extremely light blue eyes. Her hands are abnormally large, but the rest of her is child sized. She has an almost eerie appearance to her, and doesn't speak, choosing to otherwise communicate through her facial expressions. She appears to be between four and eight years old, though still small for her age. She wears jean overalls over a pink shirt. She also wears black gloves to keep her powers at bay, much like Rogue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Torpid is a mutant with the power to paralyze anyone she touches, human or mutant. Her abnormally large hand are a byproduct of her mutation. Although she wears gloves to protect other people from her touches, it isn't necessary for her to have skin-to-skin contact with her victim. She paralyzed one of Duncan's gang members just by putting a hand on his jeans.