Todd Tolansky (Toad)


Todd is a shrimpy, smart mouthed, weasely punk with extremely poor hygiene (resulting in, among other things, very noticeable body oder) with a wise guy attitude, who thinks he's tough because of the thugs he hangs around with. Todd hangs out with the other members of the Brotherhood as his way to gain respect. He's become close with Lance and especially Fred, who's adopted a big brother type relationship towards him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As his name implies, Toad possesses almost all the traits and abilities of a toad, most notably his superhuman jumping and leaping abilities. Because of this skill, Toad usually travels by hopping rather than walking, even when traveling short distances. The most powerful muscles in Toad’s body are his legs and his tongue. His tongue has been extended to a maximum of approximately 25 feet long. Toad uses his long, powerful tongue to lash out and grab objects, much like Scott's ruby shades. On a slightly more disgusting note, Toad also uses his tongue’s whip-like abilities to catch flying insects out of the air and eat them.

Toad’s body also secretes a quick drying adhesive (slime) that he spits at his opponents. It wraps around them and dries instantly, incapacitating them unless they can break free. Also, his hands and feet can ooze a sticky solution that allows him to stick to and climb up walls and ceilings. An awful side affect of his mutation is that he has a habit of rarely bathing and this, plus his secretions, gives him a strong, foul smell, which does not help people look past his appearance.