Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)


Impatient, arrogant and deceptive, Quicksilver is a self-serving villain who will betray his friends and even family to save himself. He is loyal to his father, Magneto, though only out of convenience as he showed no compassion at his father's disappearance at the hands of Apocalypse. Though he has a hand in betraying his sister Wanda, and is initially afraid of her temper and power, he grows to care for his sister as the series progresses. In season 3, Quicksilver becomes the official team leader due to Magneto's influence, and even after Magneto's demise, continues to assume leadership, giving the team some much-needed ambition. Early in the series, he was shown to have a grudge rivalry with Spyke; after the first season, this is never mentioned again. While occassionally fighting the good fight, Quicksilver still would willingly risk the lives or safety of others for his own gain.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pietro is an attractive Caucasian boy with a lean and athletic frame. He has short silver/white hair that is sleeked back and blue eyes. Pietro usually wears a dark brown three-fourth sleeved shirt, jeans with a brown belt and running shoes. In his battle uniform, Pietro wears a blue bodysuit that covers his whole body with a lighter shade of blue stripe going down the front. He has a white chest plate with matching shoulder pads. He wears sleek knee-high white combat shoes with white knee pads.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ability to think and move at superhuman speeds, allowing him to run at speeds approaching mach five while accelerated body chemistry allows him to resist the effects of friction, low oxygen, and kinetic impact. His muscles, skin and bones are tougher than that of regular humans to withstand the pressure of running several hundreds of miles per hour, and his eyes are protected from high velocity winds. The chemical processes in Pietro’s muscles are advanced in such a way that Pietro does not suffer from fatigue. Pietro’s reflexes and reaction time are several times quicker than those of regular humans, and his brain processes information at five times the speed of a college graduate, enabling him to perceive his surroundings while moving around at incredible speeds.

Early LifeEdit

Pietro grew up with his father, Magneto, and sister, Wanda in New York. When Wanda developed her unstable mutant powers, Magneto decided to leave her in an asylum. Pietro was upset about it, but couldn't oppose him, so just left with him. Eventually, Pietro was given to the Maximoff family.

Pietro also knows Evan Daniels as they had an ongoing rivalry since childhood.