Arkady Rossovitch (Omega Red)


A discarded project, Omega Red holds a grudge against those that deeded him. Wolverine is the one who he targets the most, though other members of Project X may be on his sight too.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Above human strength, a near equal to those like Wolverine. His mutant abilitie allows him to release metallic whips from his wrists. There is not a limit in how much this whips can be enlongated, and they are strong enough to cut a tree in half.

Omega's body is covered by carbonadium armor, a less strong form of Adamantium, yet stronger than any other conventional metals. The metal covers his body, sans his tentacles, and makes him virtually indestructible. His tentacles too seem to be able to heal, if they are severed off in some fashion.

Early LifeEdit

Omega Red is the Weapon X equivalent project of Russia. A perfect warrior created to destroy the enemies of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Omega Red quickly found himself in an age where he was no longer needed, and even dangerous, so he was frozen and laid to rest. Still, this has done nothing of his desire to destroy all enemies of the former Soviet Union. If anything, his frozen sleep drove him mad, and has only intensified his zeal.

Sometime after, Wolverine encountered him and caused him to be broken and left to suffer. H.Y.D.R.A. later found and healed him, making him an agent. He also held a grudge against other members of Weapon X too like Silverfox and Maverick.