Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde (Shadowcat)


Kitty Pryde is a young, sweet, upbeat, cheerful and optimistic teenage girl but she did have some naive tendencies due to having lived a sheltered life before joining the X-Men. Caring and sympathetic, she is considered virtuous in almost all respects. With the typical attitude of a valley girl, Kitty can come off as a bit of a ditz but she has since grown into a very intelligent, open-minded, and worldly young woman. Kitty isn't the most athletic person and her culinary skills are a constant source of dismay among the others. Regardless, she is a loyal friend and teammate as Kitty's in it to fight the good fight and will need no convincing to rush off into battle as she's always willing to help others in need.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kitty is an American girl with a petite and slender figure. She has long brown hair usually pulled up into a ponytail with layers that frame her face and light blue eyes. Kitty usually wears a pink long sleeved sweater over a creamy-colored undershirt, light blue capris with an orange stripe on each pant leg, and brown sandals. She accessorizes by wearing a necklace and carries a small brown backpack.

Her second outfit includes a turquoise top with three-fourth length sleeves that shows off her midrift, light brown cargo khaki pants with a brown belt, and brown shoes. She accessorizes with a gold cylinder-shaped pendant.

Her third outfit includes a red button-up collared shirt that shows a bit of midrift, black trousers, and dark red sandals.

In her X-Men uniform, Kitty's is somewhat similar to Jean Grey's. She wears a gold collared, dark navy blue bodysuit with a light purple V-shaped stripe in the front. A gold utility belt marking the "X" logo goes around her waist. Light purple combat boots are worn for shoes, and thick gold gloves worn on both hands.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kitty's power allows her to phase through solid matter by shifting her atoms through intra-atomic spaces. She can phase through organic and inorganic matter with no damage to herself or others. When Kitty phases through an electrical system her ability disrupts the system and shorts it out. Kitty can pass her ability to any person or object she touches having phased a car full of passengers through a moving train, the X-Jet through a mountain, and a train through another oncoming train. Though the latter was too strenuous for her and her power cut out midway causing an explosion. Kitty is weightless when in her phasing state and can influence her movement to phase downward into the ground and move through it to emerge upward from a different spot.