James "Jamie" Madrox (Multiple Man)


The youngest of all the X-Men, the often clumsy guy is constantly trying to fit in with the rest of the group but frequently finds himself unable to do so due to his age and not being cool enough. However he is always game for anything, and eager to help.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jamie is the youngest member of the new mutant group being 13 to 14 years old. He's 4'9 with a slim build. He has blue eyes and brown hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

James can create identical physical living duplicates of himself upon any physical impact. This process is spontaneous and cannot be prevented by Madrox, indicating he still does not have full control of his powers although he can reabsorb the duplicates at will. He has also been shown capable of creating duplicates at will as seen in Ascension part 2 when he created an army of himself to help fight Professor X. The duplicates think, feel, and act independently, though usually guided by the original. Madrox is telepathically and empathically linked to his duplicates. When Madrox reabsorbs his duplicates, he also absorbs their memories and experiences from their time seperate from him. It is virtually impossible to distinguish the original from the duplicates.