Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy (Beast)


Beast was a very friendly and warm hearted man when he was not affected by the beast's anger. He was also very smart and he understood egyptian hieroglyphics.

Beast remains a genius intellect and a rather refined person. He does like to have fun, though, especially with snowball fights.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In his mutated form, Beast has long shaggy hair, relatively long arms, and opposable thumbs on his feet, much like a giant gorilla.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anthropoid/Simian physique that gives him an ape-like demeanor. Originally had a more human disposition, but an adverse reaction to a serum he developed to suppress his mutation caused his mutation to change giving him full-bodied blue fur and an ape-like physiology. Mutant Physiology grants him superhuman strength (seen bending a steel girder in the episode Day Of Reckoning, Part 2), speed (by running on all fours), stamina, reflexes, balance, endurance and agility as well as large paws with opposable thumbs instead of feat wich he can use to grasp objects or climb almost any suface and terrain with superhuman dexterity.

Early LifeEdit

Henry McCoy's mutant powers revealed themselves at birth in the form of unusually large hands and feet, likely caused by his father's exposure to massive amounts of radiation during an accident at the nuclear power plant where he worked. To avoid the embarrassment to their family and friends, Henry's parents moved with him to Bayville, New York. During his teenage years, Henry's abilities began to develop rapidly. Using his advanced intelligence, he concocted a serum to allow him to look as human as possible. Around this time, Professor Charles Xavier contacted the young mutant, offering him the chance to control his mutancy without the use of chemicals, but Henry's confidence in his abilities made him politely refuse the good professor's offer. Soon, Henry joined the football team, becoming a star and leading the team to many victories until his graduation. Due to his aggressive nature on the field, McCoy's peers gave him the nickname of the Beast. He won three cups, but was goofing off and caused them to lose the fourth. He knew if he hadn't been goofing off, they would have won.

After a few years in college, Henry received his master's degree and returned to Bayville to teach Phys. Ed. and Advanced Chemistry. Over the years, his system had begun to grow resistant to the serum, and he was continually feeling his mutancy closer and closer to taking control of him.