Frederick J. "Fred" "Freddy" Dukes (Blob)


A natural bully, Blob isn't the sharpest member of the Brotherhood, but his brawn helps counterbalance his lack of brains. His hefty build and less than charming personality often make him a target of public ridicule. The social isolation and bad temper made him a prime candidate for recruitment into the Brotherhood by Mystique. After his run-in with the X-Men (Mutant Crush), he hasn't had much luck with gaining any new friends, but has become close with his Brotherhood teammates, Avalanche and Toad, as the series progressed. Also unlike the comic version, this Blob seems to hide a sensitive side (as seen by the rather obsessive way he treated Jean in the first episode he appeared, and his later closeness to the rest of the Brotherhood).

Physical appearanceEdit

Fred is a huge, obese Caucasian boy from Texas. He has blonde hair styled in a mohawk with brown eyes. He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass due to his mutantion. Fred usually wears a green shirt over a cream colored undershirt with jean overalls that cover both, and white tennis shoes. Blob's battle uniform consists of a frayed green army vest with a collar and pockets on the front with matching green army cargo pants that are tucked into thick brown combat boots. He wears a tan tank top underneath the vest and silver metal cuffs on each wrist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blob's mutant physiology grants him a number of abilities. He has incredible superhuman strength, endurance, and invulnerability. The Blob's elastic, blubbery skin proves indestructible withstanding massive impact from not only blunt force trauma but also Cyclops's powerful optic blasts with no injury at all. He can alter his personal mono-directional gravity field to make himself virtually immovable as long as he stays in contact with the ground, however, if the ground below him is uprooted he can be moved. He has stood his ground against oncoming cars and even an airplane in the episode Ascension Part 2 with no harm to himself whatsoever. Despite his appearance, the Blob's speed and agility are those of a fairly athletic male of normal stature, a fact which frequently catches his opponents by surprise.