Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Forge can intuitively create and understand almost any device and technology imaginable using his mutant ability - an enhanced intellect and uncanny almost empathic ability to understand machines and to perceive "mechanical energy." Forge's power allows him to create incredible technology out of the most mundane technology available. He created a device capable of shifting matter into an alternate dimension using the limited technology of Bayville High School in the 1970's and creating a return device from that dimension out of Kurt's cd player and a car battery showing he not only understands technology but possesses an incredible intellect and understanding of science. Forge has a mechanical right arm of his owm design wich he can controle like a normal human arm. He can flawlessly disguise it as a normal arm or activate it's mechanical form wich is equiped with drills and tool attachments aiding in the construction of whatever device he wants to build.

Early LifeEdit

Forge was born sometime in the 60's, but while his intelligence was evident for most of his life, most people didn't recognize that he was a mutant. At some point, however, he lost his right hand, and designed a new, robotic one, that can mimic his original one flawlessly, as well as transform into a variety of tools. Forge's mind activates the transformation, so his powers appear to be either technomorphing, or just an uncanny ability to understand and construct machines. Forge was so good at building things that he got his own lab under the school.

In 1978, he accidentally activated one of his gadgets on himself and was transported into a parallel dimension called Middleverse were he could see in Bayville High but they couldn't see him. His lab was locked down after he disappeared and somehow, while he was in Middleverse he didn't age. He spent the next years trying to find a way out, also bummed that the Middleverse stopped right before it reached the girls' locker room.