David Haller


David is a fragmented, multi-personalitied individual. His personalities have fragmented into three distinct personalities, that of himself, Ian, and Lucas. David is a relatively docile personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit

David's body changes to match whichever of his multiple personalities is manifesting itself. They all have the same physical traits consisting of blonde hair and blue eyes. David is a young man of a slim build and average height with short blonde hair. David has no facial hair and dresses conservatively with combed hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

David's mutation grants him multiple psionic abilities. David's mutation caused his dissasotiative identity disorder to actually manifest his 2 alternate personalities altering his body in a manner similar to shapeshifting. Each personality manifest a different aspect of David's mind and each posses different psionic powers.

Early LifeEdit

David was born to Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, but Gabrielle divorced then shortly after David's birth because she didn't want Charles' work on mutants interfering with their simple lives. Due to inherited DNA from Charles, David manifested abilities that would allow him to morph his body, but also caused him to develop alternate personalities, including a young boy named Ian, which Gabrielle believed was a boy that David found living on the streets and took in. However, when they moved to Scotland, David manifested an evil persona named Lucas who seemed to take David hostage.