Danielle Moonstar

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Danielle Moonstar is a Native American mutant with multiple psionic abilities. Her most prominent ability is to cause people in her immediate vicinity to experience their greatest fears in powerful, realistic, life-like illusions. She was able to project herself into Kitty Pryde's mind and place her within a powerful, realistic, life-like dream world, reaching out to her from the canyon she was trapped in. When Kitty found Danielle, she was in a unique kind of suspended animation, not needing food or water and perfectly preserving herself for 2 years. Her Hibernation state activated when she became trapped in the underground cave. The mind controls all aspects of the body and Danielle's psionic abilities allowed her to enter a state in wich her body becomes self-sustaining, shutting or slowing down all physical functions so that her body experiences little to no time passage while her mind remains active. Danielle has limited awareness of her hibernation state when she is in it, as seen when she was not aware of her situation when she first entered Kitty's mind, but as time passed, she slowly became aware and gave Kitty a nightmare asking for help, then coming out of hibernation when Kitty found her. She was in her hibernation state for 2 years and could have possibly remained within it indefinetly.

Early LifeEdit

Danielle lived in a town with her grandfather Black Eagle. She went hiking in the mountains and a fissure caved in and she became trapped under. Her mutant abilities put her into a hibernation state and this caused her powers to sent disturbing images to the people around her. This led all but her grandfather to leave her hometown in the next two years.