Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Proffesor Xavier is an unparalleled telepathic mutant. He can read and control human minds, project his thoughts, scan locations to find specific minds, influence both cognitive and motor functions in others, scan and alter memories, create powerful illusions within the minds of others, release "psychic blasts" capable of disabling opponents and project his mind outside his body to travel the astral plain. Professor Xavier can scan and manipulate the minds of dozens of individuals at once as seen in the episode "Growing Pains" when he erased the memories of an entire soccer stadium full of people who saw the X-Men fight The Brotherhood. He is also able to hear thoughts and recieve mental distress calls within miles of his location as seen when he heard Jean's "calls" for help from the other side of town when she was abducted by The Blob in the episode Mutant Crush.

Early LifeEdit

Charles Francis Xavier was born in New York City. His half-brother Cain Marko possessed a dormant X-Gene for most of his life until he awakened it with a mysticism, turning him into a Juggernaut. Charles was able to defeat him with his telepathy and had him locked in a secure facility in hopes he would never again attack innocent people.

Years later, Charles married a woman named Gabrielle Haller and they had a son named David Haller, but Gabrielle divorced them after he was born because she didn't want David growing up with a father who didn't have time for him.

With the small fortune he had inherited from his mother, Charles turned his family's mansion into his School for Gifted Youngsters, in the hope of helping young mutants learn to control their powers. Ororo and Logan became instructors at his school, and took the codenames Storm and Wolverine. Using his powerful mutant-tracking computer, Cerebro, Charles sought out his first two students, Scott Summers, who possessed optic blasts, and Jean Grey, with mental powers similar to the Professor's.