Callisto is more passive and reasonable than her comic-book counterpart. She is very loyal to her people and takes her role as their leader and protector very seriously. As a group the Morlocks do not trust anyone "topside" and if they have a problem they are not likely to ask for help, but will do their best to take care of the problem themselves. Initially, Callisto is fearful of angering the surface-dwellers in the fear they will attack and destroy the Morlocks, who are not cut out for combat. But if left with no choice, she will not falter.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Callisto is a young caucasion woman with a darker complexion, almost tan, with black hair, cut to her shoulders with bangs, and green eyes. Her right eyes is always covered by an eyepatch. She wears a tan tanktop, purple pants, purple boots with silver knee guards, a silver belt, and black wrist straps.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Callisto possesses enhanced senses of sight (including night vision), hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Early LifeEdit

Callisto is leader of the Morlocks, formerly including Ray Crisp, but left for Xavier's school.