Alexander "Alex" Summers/Masters (Havok)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alex's body absorbs certain types of electromagnetic energy including sunlight, metabolizes it, and releases it in concentrated destructive ruby red beams from his hands. Due to similar genetic makeup, this energy is ineffective against those related to him with similar powers such as his brother Scott Summers because Scott's body will simply absorb it. Unlike his brother, Alex didn't suffer an injury as child and has control over his powers controlling the intensity of his energy beams with no artificial aid. The first time these powers manifested, Alex suffered from a burning sensation in his hands, though this seems to have disappeared now that he controls his powers.

Early LifeEdit

When Alex was around 5, he and the rest of his family were involved in a plane accident. The plane for an unknown reason was on fire, and going down. Their parents gave Alex and Scott the only parachutes that were on the plane, and had them both jump out. Debris from the plane burned Scott's parachute and they lost track of each other. Both boys thought the other brother had died. Scott spent a month in a coma while Alex was adopted by the Masters family. Even the hospital Scott went to thought Alex was dead.